Main characteristics of the ONE equipment:

1.Weight variation with a simple turn of the dial, without having to get up from the seat.

2.Reduced maintenance cost!! There are no bars to lubricate, or pins to lose!

3.Since there are no guide bars or pulleys, a more smooth and free movement is obtained.

4.The handmade upholstery, offers greater comfort.

5.Thanks to its Optimal Strength Curve Technology®, a more efficient and safe workout is obtained.

6.Its 47” tower allows for a better visual of the space.

7.The instructions placed on the equipment use lenticular images (they move as your head moves).

8.Multiple color options are available, both for the metallic parts and for the upholstery.

9.The Smart Arm® joint allows to vary the radius along the range of movement.

10.The adjustable initial position allows for different size people to use the equipment.

11.The design of the cushion allows for the arm to be placed internally and externally.

Lat Pulldown S6LATP

Mid Row S6MR

Chest Press S6CP


Pec Fly S6PF

Biceps Curl S6BC

Triceps Extension S6TE

Triceps Press S6TP

Four-way Neck Machine S6FWN

Lateral Raise S6LR

Shoulder Press S6SP

Low Back S6LB

Abdominal Crunch S6ABC

Leg Extension S6LE

Leg Press S6LP

Hip Abduction/Adduction S6AA

Seated Leg Curl S6LC