Special characteristics of our Nautilus Evo equipment line

A modern design is combined with the best biomechanics in the planet, offering as a result equipment with the best performance.

Main characteristics of the Evo equipment:

The Nautilus Evo Nitro equipment line offers our patented weight stack with increments from 5 pounds on, which is perfect for progressive weight gains and ideal for beginners, women and senior citizens.

1.Weight stack covers with a 5X5 inches opening.

2.The instructions placed on the equipment use lenticular images (they move as your head moves).

3.The integrated scheme of the parts simplifies the service.

4.It has a comfortable and well dimensioned cup holder and towel hook for the user’s convenience.

Enter Optimal Strength Curve Technology™. Driven by our four-bar linkage system, cam design, or a combination of both, this unique technology dynamically matches the body’s potential increases and decreases in strength. Nautilus EVO® equipment users get immediate, smooth resistance and proper muscle loading through the complete range of motion. Leading to unprecedented results.

Vertical Chest S9VC

Incline Press S9IP

Pec Fly S9PF

Rear Delt /PecFly S9RDPF

Mid Row S9MR

Pullover S9PO

Compound Row S9CR

Biceps Curl S9BC

Preacher Curl S9PC

Triceps Extension S9TE

V-Triceps Extension S9VTE

Overhead Press S9OP

Seated Dip S9SD

Lat Pulldown S9LATP

Lower Back S9LB

Rotary Torso S9RT

Abdominal S9AB

Gravitron® Machine S9GRV

Leg Press S9LP

Leg Extension S9LE

Prone Leg Curl S9LCP

Seated Calf S9SC

Seated Leg Curl S9LC

Hip Abduction / Adduction S9AA

Lateral Raise S9LR